The Research Center Issues the New Serial No. 272 of the Palestinian Affairs Magazine:


The Research Center of the Palestine Liberation Organization “PLO” issued recently the new Sr. No: 272 of the Palestinian Affairs Magazine, which included a special file of studies and researches related to the political solution projects from different angles.

Dr. Mohammed Shtayyeh, Chairman of the Research Center inaugurated the new issue by an article dealing with what has become known as the Deal of the Century, where he annexes such deal to the context of the efforts being deployed by the United States of America and its Successive Administrations in the process of the Political Solution.

Shtayyeh believes that all these Administrations could not have been honest brokers, because of their bias and because of the pressure being forced on them by the Zionist Lobby, but despite this bias, Israel has thwarted the efforts of all US Presidents, who tried to push the Peace Process.

Shtayyeh assures that the initiative of the US President, Donald Trump, which comes in the context of the prosecution of Israelis in flagrant violations to the agreements signed in Israel, the International Law, and the Palestinian Rights, therefore it is unacceptable at all levels, including the Palestinian, Arab, and the International Community as well.

The Issue also includes a study entitled: “Arab Peace Projects” by Khalid Safi, in which he explained the Arab Role in the Palestinian–Zionist Conflict, since the beginning of the last century.

In another study, Jihad Al-Batsh discussed the motives and objectives of the US Settlement Project in the Middle East for the period extending between “1989 – 2017”.

Abdul Nasser Al-Srour discussed in his study the development of attitudes and visions of the Russians, Chinese, and the Turkish towards the peaceful solution of the Palestinian Issue.

In the meanwhile, Magdi Srour dealt in another study with the Palestinian Issue in the United Nations Resolutions.

In the same context, the new issue includes a study for Mawaheb Alqet, which deals with Projects and the Ideas of the Israelis and the Zionist Movement, in their attempt to end the Palestinian Issue during the period extending between “1918 – 1978”.

It also contains another study for Amin Abu Baker, which is entitled: “Palestinian Settlement Projects with the Zionist Movement 1899 – 2018.

In his study being published in this new Issue, Hassan Ayoub addressed the US Foreign Policy during Donald Trump’s Administration.

As well there is also another study for Ahmad Azem, which is entitled: “Palestine Today: Polarization, Ideological Liquidity and the Era of the Networks”.

In the section of the Follow-Ups, the Issue included three articles: The first article by Ruwaid Abu Amsheh, where he provides a review of the session no: 23 of the National Assembly.

The second article by Mazin Al-Ajleh, which deals with the Political Economy of the American Aid to the Palestinian Territories.

The third article by Raed Helles, which is entitled: “Water Rights in Palestine: A Real Crisis and Continuous Israeli Violations”.

In the section of reviewing the scientific letters, the Issue included a review of a Master Research entitled: “Historical Development of the Palestinian State Project “1964 – 1999”, by Adnan Melhem.

This new issue also included a group of documents such as: The Text of the Opening Speech of President Mahmoud Abbas in the 23rd session of the National Assembly, as well a Text of the Final Statement Issued by the National Assembly at the end of its Session, the Jerusalem Declaration and the Return Document.