Shtayyeh: American President’s Ideas are not a Substitute for the International Law


Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh, Member of the Central Committee of Fatah Movement stated that the Century’s Deal includes a set of suspicious intentions, outputs and tools.

He also added that the ideas of the US President, Donald Trump does not represent an alternative substitute to the International Law, which recognizes the Palestinian Rights.

During his speech, which he delivered on behalf of the President, Mahmoud Abbas, as President of the Board of Trustees, last Thursday on the Graduation Ceremony of the Arab American University in the Jenin District, Shtayyeh added that nobody can buy the Palestinian’s Position related to Jerusalem, Refugees or other Constants.

Through his speech, Shtayyeh stressed that the Palestinian Leadership rejects and will always reject any partial solutions that leads to a formal state with temporary boarders.

As well as he pointed out that the Palestinian Issue is an Issue of Freedom, Dignity and the Right of Self-Determination, and not a Humanitarian Issue as it has been dealt with by the So-Called “Deal of the Century”.

He also clarified that the Constant Leadership Choice is that any negotiations should be based on the International Law and Clear Terms of Reference, accompanied with the cessation of the Occupation Measures being acted against our people, foremost and main of these is to freeze the Settlement Activities and to end the Siege being imposed on the Gaza Strip.

As well he stressed that our main request is to arrange for an International Conference, to be based on the International Law, and leads to an International Mechanism, that will end the Occupation.

Shtayyeh explained that the violations being committed by the Occupation Authorities yesterday, in their attempt to displace the residents of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, the destruction of their homes, is a crime of ethnic cleansing, which violates the International Law, as he pointed out that the World should not remain silent against these continuous crimes of the Occupation being committed against our people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Shtayyeh manifested that the practices of the Occupation Authorities reflects the Israeli convection to reject the Two-States Solution, their attempt to impose a reality by which Israel can control the land, water, borders and all the Palestinian resources and capabilities.

As well as Shtayyeh clarified that Israel is steeling our money, through a law, by deducting NIS 100 million a month, as this amount equals to the value being paid by the Palestinian National Authority to the families of the Prisoners and Martyrs.

In this context, he assured that no one can dissuade the Palestinian National Authority from performing its duty towards the families of the Martyrs and Prisoners, who represent the conscience of our people.

In a separate context, he stated that the National Reconciliation Process must take place, and the different visions between Fatah and Hamas Movements should be resolved, by restoring the Palestinian People, through the free and fair elections, that could restore the Democratic Process into our institutions.

Finally, Shtayyeh congratulated the Graduates and their Families, called them to be positive, seek and create fruitful opportunities for the future, by depending on themselves, instead of just keep waiting for them to come.