Shtayyeh: We Will Go to the United Nations Committee for the Combat of Racism to Condemn the “Nationalism Law”:

Mohammed Shtayyeh, Member of the Central Committee of Fatah Movement stated that the Political Committee has recommended the President to instruct the Palestinian Minster of Foreign Affairs to initiate consultations with Arab Countries and Friends to address the U.N. Committee for the Combat of Racism to condemn what has become to be known as the “Racist National Law”, under which Israel has become officially as a Racist State.

During an interview with the Palestinian T.V. Shtayyeh stressed that the Central Council will be held at the beginning of next month to discuss the file of the Palestinian National Reconciliation, as well as the file of Re-Formulation of the relationship with Israel as an Occupying State, not as a Partner in the Peace Process, which no longer exists.

He clarified that Israel is trying to resolve the dispute related to the Palestinian Constants including Palestine, Jerusalem and the Palestinian Historical Rights, believing that they have resolved the dispute of Geography through the Colonial Settlements spread in the West Bank, as the number of the Israeli Settlements reached around 196 ones, inhabited by about 711 thousand Jew Settlers, as they are confident that they have won the battles of Geography and Recognition.

Shtayyeh assured that the Nationalism Law has transferred the Racist Israeli Policy from the “de Facto” Policy to Legalization of its Colonial Policies, both legally and constitutionally, especially after the green light being given to Israel by the current US Administration to violate the Palestinian Rights and the Human Rights. In the meanwhile he warned from an expected Israeli attack against all the Religious Historical Sites in Palestine.

Shtayyeh also added that the Racist Law also violates the Sovereignty of Countries in which the Jews are living, because the Law considers the State of Israel as a reference for all Jews all over the world.

He explained that Israel is trying to present the Zionist Movement as a Liberation Movement and not a Racist Movement , as well as that the Jews are exercising their right to return to their land.

On the contrary to that, Shtayyeh assured that Israel is a Colonial Entity, built at the expense of the Palestinians, who have been displaced from their homeland, and they do have right to return to it.

Shtayyeh manifested that the law has clarified everything, with the exception of the Israeli Borders, which means that the Borders of the State of Israel are not decided yet.

He added from the Israeli Perspective the Two States Solution no longer exists, both in fact and by law, and that the law does officially annexes the West Bank to the State of Israel.

Continuous Forging Process:

Shtayyeh considered that the Israeli Occupation to Jerusalem in 1967 and all the subsequent resolutions of 1980 and the following measures represent a continuous process of falsifying the history.

He manifested that all these arrangements are confronted by strengthening the steadfast resistance of the Palestinian People and emphasizing the Arabic Palestinian National Identity in the Green Line, West Bank, Jerusalem and in all places of the Palestinian Presence.

He considered the law as a Legalization Tool for the Settlements that links Israel to the Racist Colonial Project in the West Bank, stressing that Settlements could only be a Tool for the Colonial State of Israel.

He explained that Israel aims to convert the Religion to Nationalism, and they are trying to rename the old existing idioms, depending on some potions of history, to support their false claims, but still they found nothing so far.

Shtayyeh stated that there is a wide National Condemnation to that Racist Law, which could be used to condemn Israel in the United Nations Committee for the Combat of Racism.

Stressing on the continuation of the popular resistance approach set by the Palestinian People in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar, clarifying that all Israeli laws can’t nullify the Palestinians Rights or the Palestinian Existence on the Palestinian Land.

A Serious Arab and International Position is Needed:

Shtayyeh called for a clear and serious Arab Stand based on the mutual interests and not just on morals, the implementation of Arab Summits Resolutions and the recent Dhahran Summit Recommendations, which affirmed on the rejection of all American Arrangements in Jerusalem and the severing of relations with countries that transfer their embassies to Jerusalem City.

He referred to the importance of the Palestinian position to sever all communications and relations with the US Administration and the refusal to deal with them as an intermediary that monopolize the political process.

As well he stressed on the importance of the International Community Contributions to support UNRWA, in order to cover the deficit and to drop the US Project, which mainly aimed at the liquidation of the Agency and the creation of a new fund for the compensation of the Refugees.

Shtayyeh called upon Arab Countries, International Community and the United Nations to stick to and implement their political statements and decisions, and to take measures similar to the European Union initiative in marking the Settlement Products, and the historical step taken by the Irish Parliament.

Fatah’s Delegation to Cairo:

Shtayyeh declared that a delegation from Fatah Movement has left to the Egyptian Capital Cairo to submit the Fatah Official Response to the Egyptian Suggested Initiative for the National Reconciliation Process, which has been accepted by both Fatah and Hamas Movements, and that includes 10 terms and conditions, being described as ideas to reactivate the previous agreements.

In this context, Shtayyeh welcomed the Egyptian efforts, assuring that the Egyptian effort is an intensive one, and there will be no alternative to substitute such effort.

On the other hand, Shtayyeh praised the Egyptian position in rejecting the Deal of the Century, and their resistance for all ideas calling for the creation of a Separate and Isolated Palestinian Entity in the Gaza Strip, which will constitute a violation for the Egyptian Sovereignty and a threat to the Egyptian National Security.

Shtayyeh stressed that the file of the National Reconciliation and the ending of Division is not a technical file, but it is a supreme political file, as all the challenges we are facing are political challenges, which needs political treatment.

He stressed that any solution aims to end the division must be a comprehensive and indivisible, based on the perspective of the National Partnership and the full political unity within the institution, sovereignty and the unified geography.

The American Team is Frustrated:

Shtayyeh clarified that following to his last visit “tour” in the area, the American Team returned frustrated, because they did not find any partner nor a Palestinian neither an Arab nor International.

He also added that “the title that defeated the deal of the century was in the Security Council, where 14 countries voted against the United States of America”.

Concerning the message of the American Delegation to Hamas Movement, Shtayyeh stated that the United States of America is trying to trade bread at a political price, and this is unacceptable.

He also stated that the alternative for the Bilateral Negotiations comes through an International Conference, referring by that to the recent Chinese Initiative, the earlier French Initiative, as well to the Russian Initiative, and the European Union Countries, through which a vision could be reached for a just political solution, based on the International Legitimate Resolution and the International Law.

On the other hand, Shtayyeh stated that the region is facing a new perspective and the understandings between Russia and the US on Syria and the whole region are paving the way for a new Yalta to divide the areas of influence between the fighting countries, as what has happened in 1945 between the Soviet Union and the United States of America.

He added that Arabs should learn lessons from history and deal with the world depending on the language of interests, not on the language of begging.